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   “My Story Behind This Seminar”    

Friends, some of you might know that I started my entrepreneurial journey with IT, Telecom, Networking and consulting Business. I had my share of successes, failures and realizations in those multiple years of business journey.

As famously said by Steve Jobs, everyone has these moments in life where their life takes major shift and he called those moments “dots”. Just like that 3 events changed my whole life,

  1. Realization of my strengths, what drives me and my life PURPOSE.
  2. My 12 months association with Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement.
  3. My living guru ‘Mahatria’s’ those precious words “If you are standing under the lemon tree and praying for Mango juice, you will never get it”

That was the day I decided to plant a mango tree and made a commitment to myself that I will start my journey towards fulfilling my Purpose where I can use my strengths, skills, my inner drive and what I have to offer. Dr Biz Ventures, a Business Coaching Organization got born in my mind that day.

That’s not the story though, the real story starts now.

When I made my mind to get into Business Coaching, I decided to be like famous “Kortes- Burn the ship story”, I wanted to burn the ships so that it becomes no point of return for me, but then good sense prevailed and I said to myself why burn the ships? Why not Sell it? Here the ship was my earlier IT Telecom consulting business.

One after another I met lots of investors, entrepreneurs who I thought would be interested in taking over my business and that’s where I realized that my business was not build to sell. Reason being, firstly maximum of my revenue was coming from services we were selling of one of the leading WAN, Data Centre and cloud company. Unfortunately the model was that ‘clients were billed by them and we used to get ORC (Over riding commission)’.

Secondly, everyone I met thought, the whole business was build around me, without me the business would not have sustained.

Though this was a shock for me, I decided to make the best of the situation and did lots of research, learning and testing on this subject and what I found is a gold mine! a SYSTEM. A system which works and produces desired results repeatedly.

This 4 hour SEMINAR got borne to share this system of how business owners can build a valuable business which can be sold, how a business can run and flourish without business owner’s involvement in day to day operations and much more.

If you relate with the situation and my experience you can learn the System without putting much efforts which I had to put, REGISTER for this 4 hour FREE SEMINAR.

Learning from the story-

  1. Build your business for Valuation.
  2. Build a business which works can without you.
  3. Not every time we have to learn by doing mistakes on our own, we can learn from others mistakes as well.

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